Where to start? 

If you’ve made it to this page, we are thrilled! Maybe this is the first house you’ve ever sold, if so, here is a how to guide for you to educate yourself on the process and a few tips sprinkled in. 

Pricing Theories 

Life happens and sometimes moving is a necessity. If you have a life event causing you to move, we will discuss your timeline. Are you growing your family and the clock is ticking on how fast you need to be out? This will affect your pricing. Pricing and timeline go hand in hand. When you list with us our agents will give you a price range.  This range will show you if you list on the lower end, you are more likely to receive an offer faster. On the flip side if time is on your side, you can list higher and play the waiting game. 


In today’s market a well-staged and professionally photographed house can sell quickly. It is important to have a plan prior to listing. The clock starts ticking once an offer is accepted and typically closing and your move out will occur 21-30 days after the binding contract date. 

Get List Ready

Our approach is to declutter but not depersonalize. You may hear about sellers having to move out so their home can be professionally staged and to take down anything personal like family photos. In our market this is unnecessary. Homes in the Savannah area are like Savannah herself, all a bit different and sometimes quirky. When buyers are sifting through property photos, they are more likely to spend more time looking at a home with colorful art and furnishings. It is very important to declutter. Clear the fridge of the kid’s artwork, find a basket for the mail piled up on your desk, Put your toothbrush under the sink, organize your closet, get attractive baskets for the playroom toys. We have an entire list we will provide at your walkthrough. 

Let’s sell this house

You’re ready to list your house? Let’s do this! Give us a call and we will match you with a qualified agent in your area. They will schedule a time to meet you at your property for a walkthrough. Our agent will give you a personalized “honey do” list and a Comparative Market Analysis. We have lots of little things we do differently than other firms that make our properties stand out to buyers.  

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