Where to start? 

Whether it’s your first purchase or your last, buying a home is a big deal. We are here and trained to make it a seamless process for you. We will lay out the process for you and match you with a qualified agent to help make your dream a reality.

The first decision is how are you going to pay for a new property? You can’t show up with a suitcase full of cash and be handed keys (would be cool if you could). If you are paying cash, you will need a proof of funds from your institution holding your funds. If you are getting a loan you will need to be pre-approved and have a letter from a lender prior to submitting an offer. This is the best place to start before you step into a house. A qualified Georgia Lender will be able to tell you what you can afford and help you find a monthly payment you are comfortable with. Don’t know a lender? Don’t worry, we have several we will recommend you talk to that are local and vetted. 

Where to look? 

Your agent will ask you lots of questions to determine what type of property you are looking for. You can check out our communities page to better determine what part of our area might suite your needs. Be very specific during this process. If you know you need a 2 car garage and you are not interested in an older home then that helps your agent rule out a lot of properties. Don’t be afraid to give your absolute wish list. There will be plenty of time to be flexible but in the beginning give it to us straight of exactly what you do and do not like in a home. 

Once your wishlist is submitted your agent will set up a customized portal for you. They will send all properties there for you to review. You can leave notes for your agent and even mark your favorites. 

I found my house now what? 

You’ve now toured your dream home, it’s time to make an offer. Our agents are equipped with contract software and tips and tricks to get you the best deal and most attractive offer in this competitive market.  Once your offer is accepted you will pay Earnest money. In our market Earnest Market is typically 1-5% of your purchase price. When you close you will be credited that amount towards your deposit. If you decided during you due diligence (inspection period) you do not want to proceed you get it back. 

When can I get keys? 

Around 30 days after you go under contract you will meet at the attorney’s office to close on your property. Your agent will send you weekly updates to keep you informed throughout the process as will your lender. The day you close the keys and the house become yours. Don’t worry, your agent will still be there to answer questions and be your person to help you for years to come. We still get calls years later asking for everything from recommendations on a seamstress to someone to pour a new driveway. We are here for you and the process doesn’t stop on closing day. 

How much do I pay my agent?

As a buyer you don’t pay us anything. The seller pays the commission, so it is free for you to use a Realtor to purchase a home. It doesn’t make sense to not use an agent when buying a home. 

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